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onedirectiongfclothes: nail inspired for a wedding rehearsal dinner????

Just published now xx

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~Requested~ For a wedding rehearsal dinner by calderscuticles featuring an orly nail lacquer

Butter London / Barry M nail polish, $4.61 / OPI nailpolish, $28 / ORLY nail lacquer, $16 / Topshop gold nailpolish, $9.23 / Essie sheer nail polish

I’m taking any Eleanor inspired nail polish requests now, just send me an ask!

Anonymous: could you make a master post of similars from forever 21?

Clothes wise? Sorry I don’t do clothes requests :( x

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Anonymous: where could I get some loose long sleeve crop top?

Topshop probably? Sorry I’m not a clothes blog! x

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Eleanor inspired: nails for a concert

From bottom to top, left to right (requested look)

Orly- It’s a Meteor/China Glaze- Get Carried Away/Rimmel- 620 /Essie- Sexy Divide/Topshop- Eclipse/Butter London- Poole

Anonymous: im going to a one direction concert in may, and i have no idea what to wear. can you help me come up with something? (eleanor style) xx

If you mean an outfit then sorry I’m awful with things like that! I could do a nail polish inspired set, but try these blogs for eleanor outfits :)




sorry again xx

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